That’s a Wrap

Dear onefinestay,

After three years of asking homeowner’s if they have a “no shoes” policy and selfie-ing with their dogs, today is my final day.

Together, we’ve styled and photographed over 500 homes. We’ve traversed every street and avenue of New York and Brooklyn, road tripped to the Hamptons and Hudson Valley, weekend-ed in Napa, switched places in London, and started brand new in Miami, Boston, and San Francisco.

My first home shoot. Styling by Mei Lin Ng and Denise Payne-Worley. July 2014.

Andy and I on the roof of one of our Williamsburg homes on my second day. July 2014.

We’ve done some truly crazy things in stranger’s homes. We laughed at how normal it was to hide toasters away in refrigerators or peel stickers off bananas just to return them later. We laughed at how we’ve all eaten a meal in a bathroom to stay out of the photographer’s way and tested a good amount of the beds. And baths. We’ve climbed illegal fire escapes for city views and said we knew Tom and Marianna to gain beach access. One time, we even found ourselves on a ski lift heading to the top of a mountain because someone’s friend went to school with someone’s cousin — or something. We did whatever it took to portray each home and neighborhood as if we lived there ourselves.

Probably Tom and Marianna. Hamptons, Summer 2014.

Mariss tubing at Wyndham Mountain. Hudson Valley, Winter 2015.

Miami, Fall 2016.

Miami, Winter 2016.

New York, Summer 2015.

Brooklyn, July 2017.

New York, Summer 2014.

When you hold a camera for the first time and imagine your career as a photographer, something like this doesn’t quite come to mind. Inadvertently, I had a pseudo photo agent pushing work to me on the daily, an exceptionally talented pool of stylists that could turn the most neglected spaces into something worth publishing, and an unbelievably diverse market of homes at my fingertips. And all I ever had to say was, ‘I have keys.’

Brooklyn, Winter 2015. Styling by Emily Schiff-Slater and Marissa Eleccion.

Napa Valley, Spring 2015. Styling by Sara Moseley.

Hudson Valley, Fall 2014. Styling by Renee Hikari, Kiki Dolan, and Gabby Ambrosio.

New York, Spring 2017. Styling by Tracy Brickman and Carrie McCue.

Hudson Valley. Spring 2016. Styled by Renee Hikari and Johnny Nickson.

To those who did all the work and never got the credit, thank you for believing more in your art and making each set day so memorable. And singing along to Taylor Swift even when you didn’t want to. I’ll never forget that.

Miami, Fall 2016. Styling by Gabriel Marchissio and Camila Zas.

New York, Spring 2016. Styling by Andy Aidekman and Georgina Arroyo.

Brooklyn, Summer 2015. Styling by Renee Hikari and Marissa Eleccion.

London, Spring 2015. Styling by Elena Ferrera and Kat Pang Murray.

New York, Summer 2015. Styling by Marissa Eleccion and Emily Schiff-Slater.

These last three years have been absolutely incredible and I cannot thank you all enough for the support, trust, and encouragement you have given me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the laughs, the love, and the hard drive of memories. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Brooklyn, Summer 2017.

New York, Winter 2015.

New York, Winter 2015.

Hamptons, Spring 2017.

Illustration by Abbie Blizzard.

That’s a wrap,

NoMad Loft

Pre-war loft building, erected around 1920, designed by architects Mulliken & Moeller. Interior architecture by Crawford Practices | Architecture + Design. Interior design by Paul Renwick.

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