Nick Glimenakis

Portraits of Haiti

I traveled to Haiti for the first time in October 2013 as part of a medical relief team and brought a camera to document the experience. Since then, I have been introduced to NOVA Hope for Haiti, a collective group of doctors, nurses, surgeons, and people who operate from a year-round community clinic in the small town of Cavaillon. The mission-driven organization dispatches a team of volunteer, US-based medical professionals to provide care in mass every six to twelve months.

In April 2018 and again in January 2019, I contributed photography to NOVA, making images of the patient life transformations and capturing the day to day operations of the clinic. In addition to providing photography to help the organization gain further recognition, I began a personal collection of images capturing the life and people of southwest Haiti.

I have seen many facets of the country, all very different from one another. The urban landscapes and street life of Port-au-Prince showcase the lively, vibrant life of Haitian culture but the portraits from the rural countryside represent a certain pride, innocence, and joy. I am not solely focused on the devastation of this country but rather strive to illustrate a hopeful perspective of Haiti, a country in constant recovery and progress.

The following images are from the ongoing series.

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